And the beginning of the challenge: Avocado!

Guacamole! Ole! Avocado!

I don't eat this yumtabulous treat very often. My hips don't need it and Harry doesn't really care for it - he says it tastes green.

I didn't take enough pictures the last time I made it. I was just so excited to make it I forgot the step by step pictures. I tend to plan this one a few days in advance so I can buy a rather firm avocado and let it ripen on my kitchen counter.

When I used to go to Scottsdale for the annual Sewing Circle parties, salsa and guacamole were always my contributions. I could pick up the ingredients at Fry's and throw it together. It was also a lot cheaper than trying to pack my KitchenAid in the suitcase. Do you know how heavy that thing is?

In the winter, the only fresh tomatoes I'll buy are cherry or grape tomatoes. Those rock-hard things they call tomatoes in central Ohio in January taste like paper and I won't subject my sensitive tongue to them.

Years ago, when I worked at Barley's Smokehouse and Brewpub, Thursday's lunch special was enchiladas. The kitchen guys who grew up south of the border made the guac and an amazing verde sauce. The verde was for staff consumption only and the guacamole was to die for.

I can't count the number of times I asked Adolfo for the recipe. All he would do is tell me what was in it. I had to kind of learn to wing it from there. But, at the rate it always disappeared in Scottsdale, I think this Midwestern gal got the hang of it.

I like my guacamole to be chunky, so I just kind of mash the avocado a bit with a fork and use a very gentle hand when mixing everything together. There's tomato, sweet onion, fresh garlic, fresh lime juice, minced jalepeno, cilantro and just a pinch of Kosher salt.

How much of everything? Remember what Adolfo said to me? Nah...follow the link to my recipe for Fast & Easy Guacamole


  1. Mm that sounds and looks good! "Harry doesn't really care for it - he says it tastes green." That cracked me up. As a kid, I had an aversion to green veggies for the same reason, and it's still kinda sticking with me today!

  2. You're probably going to want to throw one at me. I've never eaten an avocado in my life.

  3. I had to stop reading because I am hungry already! hehehehe
    I love guacamole!

    I am following you, as I do love food and I love to read food blogs! :) Am a fellow A to Z participant. Will read your blog next time when I'm full! :)

    Also! I don't see an award on your page! I am awarding you the one lovely blog award. You can pick it up here:

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE guacamole and I only just had it about 4 years ago. It looked gross and I never had a desire to try it. But one day i had gotten a combo meal at Moe's and they gave me guac instead of queso. I was pregnant at the time and didn't feel like going up to make the I tried it...and fell in love!! :) Not a huge fan of avocado all by itself..had it in wraps and salads, not fantastic. I have an awesome recipe for guac...a great low fat recipe that only uses one avacado and then a can of mash baby peas. So good! And I hate peas...can't even tell they're in there!

  5. It looks delicious but actually I'm just as happy (and also quite lazy!)with avocado sprinkled with lemon and pepper.

  6. I love Avocados, and just recently discovered guacamole! This is a great post for me, and I will check the recipe too.

  7. Oh my! 'em. I think I'll have to go buy some and mash up a batch of guac for lunch. Great start!

  8. I love avocados, but I don't have a guacamole recipe that I love. I'm going to try yours, it sounds perfect!

  9. Love avocados, and will be making guacamole this weekend.

  10. I love Guacamole and Avocados in general. Yummy post and a great start to the challenge.

  11. Printed out the recipe. I look forward to making it! Thanks! (Jolie du Pre)

  12. I'm definitely going to give this a try as I rarely tire of the dish and my version is rather expensive and calorie laden.

    It has cream cheese, sour cream and other lovelies in it.

    But I've been using lemon, not lime...hmmm, gotta give that a try.

    Well, when I'm rich from selling the secret, so secret I may have forgotten it, recipe I'll byline ya next to the lime. :-)


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