What's in our kitchen...We are PR Friendly

If there's one thing that Harry and I always agree about, it's what tools we need to play with in the kitchen. Yes, we have some gadgets and Harry is still pouting because he never bought an Eggstractor and we don't have room in the house for a calliope-style popcorn maker, but we consider most of the things in our kitchen to be tools.

There are some ingredients that we can't live without and we'll include them in this list.

Can you consider these posts product reviews? Well, some of them probably are. Know that we have not received any compensation for any of the posts for these products. We've purchased them or will note if they were a gift from family.

If you would like to discuss us reviewing your product that belongs in the kitchen, drop me a note at drhwrites at gmail dot com. Please include "Debbie & Harry Review" in the subject line.

Our KitchenAid 600 Professional 6-Quart Stand Mixer

Crocheted Dish Cloths in the Kitchen

Appliances...A to Z through our kitchen 

Bar Glass...A to Z through our kitchen 

Crockery, Casseroles and Cookbooks...A to Z through our kitchen 

Grill...A to Z through our kitchen

Heritage...A to Z through our kitchen
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