Things we'd like to try in our kitchen

We have a lot of food-related goals. There are cooking styles and methods we'd like to try, yummies we'd love to master and skills we'd like to develop. This page is a much better place to keep track of our dreams than that steno pad we keep in the kitchen.

Croissants - I'm told all I need is Harry's masterful rolling pin skills and some time.

Sushi - We've got the mat. Here in Ohio, the fish will be a problem.

Prime Rib - No, we've never made it. Our friend Miriam came and made it for us in our kitchen a couple of years ago. We've made prime rib several times now. We watch for a score at the store, such as the meat dude marks the price as $8.99 EACH rather than per pound. Then, hilarity ensues. Love the process of roasting, then a quick finish on the grill.

Chinese Noodles - Harry is convinced that the videos we watch are CGI. I think he's jealous.

Pumpernickle Bread - I'm terrified of this. Harry has a very distinct vision from his childhood. Oy!

Butterscotch Pie - First, I have to re-learn to make pie crust. Then, I need to channel Justine Reynolds so she can give me her recipe in a dream.

Smoking - First, I will quit actually smoking before May. We want to smoke some meat. I'd also like to get the monolith out of the driveway. We now own two smokers - one is a converted grill and the other is an upright model from Cabela's. Ribs, wings, corned beef, salmon, pork of about every!!

Shucking Oysters - Yes, it's so easy to go to Barley's for Oysters and Stout. But, that only comes a few times a year. Harry's got a line on someplace that will ship the oysters to us. Now, to figure out how to do it without slicing our hands open We found that we can get decent oysters at a decent price at the grocery store. Obviously not as awesome as what we had at Cape Cod last summer, but Harry's only stabbed himself once.

Cheese - My friend Angie over at The Good (& Simple) Life says it's easy to make. I think it would be easier to drive to Savannah for one of her Urban Homesteading Classes.

Alcohol - We want to brew beer, make wine and if we're going to that point we might as well work on some brandy and cognac. Harry wants to build a still.

Bagels - We've tried these many times but something just isn't right. They are the right chewy texture but they shrivel after baking.

A tiered cake - Not for the wedding but I want to make a tiered cake. Just once. With buttercream not fondant!

Risotto - I love the taste but have never tried to make it. How hard could it be?  As of February 28, I've made risotto twice. The first time was a bit on the sticky side. Then, I found a recipe from Jamie Oliver that involved knobs of butter and glasses of wine. And the instructions to let the risotto rest, covered and off the heat, for 5 minutes before serving. I think it tasted great and the texture was what I remember from restaurants. A winner and a regular addition to our menu plans.

Tagine - Someone I know has traveled more than me. He wants to cook this way. I think he just wants an excuse to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Danish Crispies - Another vision of Harry's youth. The little guy in his head says he knows how to do it.

Conch - I've only had it a few times in my life - a couple of trips to the Bahamas and at a sushi bar in Atlanta. Harry has harvested conch on dive trips. I'll let him cut out the meat.

Geoduck - OK, I like clams. I have a bit of sense of adventure. Mostly, Harry just likes the name.

Ganache - C'mon, it's chocolate. Do I need any other reason to want to learn to make it?

Pitas - I've made pita chips from store-bought pitas. Now if I could figure out how to get that pocket in there at home.

Expand our pasta horizons - We've got the basics down. I want to make ravioli and tortellini, gnocchi and spaetzle and all kinds of other good things!

Spun sugar - The man who feels no pain when he gets burned wants to play with boiling sugar. I'll watch and take pictures.

Candy - Our candy-making has not been successful. Fudge and hard tack are at the top of the list.

Gingerbread House - Just because. I never have.
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