Merry New Year!!!!

As long as I live, I will never forget the scene on the train in "Trading Places."

Good stuff!

Another year - another year of goals! I did reach some of my goals last year. My weight was not one of them! Oh, we would have good intentions but the food is just so good! I have an awesome incentive this year: I'm going to be a Gramma in June! Yes, we all want to be more healthy and live longer lives but there's something about the impending arrival that sort of kicks you in the ass and says "no, seriously - I want to dance at my grandchild's wedding."

Before that, though, I have a wedding reception to prepare for! Trey and Nicole want it casual - here at the cabin and a rather casual theme for the food: Cinco de Mayo! This is going to take a bit of planning to make it special but stay within our budget. They also want a margarita toast rather than champagne - that's something I can't wait to play with! My first thought goes to strawberry-something-something but the Ohio strawberries won't arrive until June at least.

Speaking of June, I'm going to my first writer's conference: BlogHer Food in Seattle! I'm hoping that Harry will be able to go with me but it truly depends on his work schedule. If he does get some comp time by then, he would much rather spend it catching Walleye on the French River - well, so would I - but I need to take this opportunity to learn.

I've long been a fan of Ree Drummond over at The Pioneer Woman but a few months ago I totally became a fangirl of Irvin Lin at Eat the Love - follow that link and see why. Food porn. Glorious food porn and a more scientific approach to baking than I've ever been patient enough to try. He's also running a giveaway for a few more days. Someday, when I'm a big kid, I'll collect swag that I can give away!

While 2011 was a year of economic recovery for us, I just wasn't quite comfortable enough to say to Harry "Hey - let's go on a taco truck tour!" He's totally psyched about something like that and we will hit up Columbus Food Adventures in 2012. To start the year, we'll be hitting up the Winter Beer Fest in just a couple of weeks!

As for today, it's time to get my kitchen back into shape for playing with food AND dieting! I need to move some of the pantry ingredients that are filling my counters back into storage. The Kitchen-Aid will be removed from its permanent home on my work table to keep room for the fruit basket. Oh - it won't go far, I still have to bake bread. Our traditional New Year's Day dinner of dead pig and sauerkraut is on tap along with garlic smashed taters and a salad.

We're not planning a huge deal for the Ohio State/Florida Gator Bowl on Monday because Harry starts back to the gawd-awful 3:00 AM start time on Tuesday - UGH! Good thing the game is in the afternoon - some simple munchies of guac and salsa along with Devils on a Horse. Harry's more excited about having Tortellini Soup because I haven't made it in a bazillion years! Found a great deal on frozen tortellini at Kroger yesterday and grabbed two bags. Maybe he'll get it twice this year!

Merry New Year to all! What are your goals for 2012? Oh - and I really could use some food ideas for that Cinco de Mayo wedding reception!


  1. Sounds like you and Harry have an awesome year planned! Not surprised. ;) Have you thought about doing Mexican chicken or wings and drummies for the reception? Kind of a lime/lemon (or both) with fajita seasoning flavor.

  2. Ooohhhh...Tam - that's an awesome idea! The first thing in my head (the easy part!) is something to dip them in. We make a Southwest ranch dip that is killer. I like the idea of lime - thinking marinade but I've got some time. Harry makes killer Buffalo wings but I don't think I want to deep fry. Too much mess for what we've got going on. You're beautiful!

  3. I think you might be my first official fangirl and I love it! Thanks so much for liking my blog. I was actually in Columbus a few months ago (back in September) and went on the Columbus Food Adventure - the taco truck tour to be exact - and it was great. Highly recommended!

    As for a Cinco de Mayo wedding theme, that sounds super fun. I know they mentioned they wanted a margarita toast, but how Sangria made with sparkling wine for the toast? Just a thought.

    And I plan on being up in Seattle for BlogHer Food, so be sure to come up and say hi to me!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Irvin! The sangria isn't far from my mind - it was my first thought when they said "Cinco de Mayo" and before I could blurt it out my son said "margaritas!"

    I was able to meet Bethia at an Ohio Foods Festival last spring and it kills me that we couldn't do the Taco Truck Tour in 2011. She's done great things for our little corner of the world.

    I will definitely be looking for you from the front row of one of your sessions in Seattle. Would it be too obvious if I had a sign that reads "I Love Eat the Love?"


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