Edamam Nutrition Wizard - Review

One of the hardest battles we fight in the kitchen isn't against each other. The battle we wage is trying to eat more healthy. It's obvious from our posts that we enjoy food. Harry's not a fan of veggies. I love to bake (fortunately, neither of us really likes to eat sweets).

I was given the opportunity to review the Edamam Nutrition Wizard in exchange for my inspection and review.

I've used many nutrition analysis websites in the past. Usually, I find them very slow and difficult to work with - especially because we cook primarily from scratch. One of my favorites was SparkPeople, but it worked best with packaged foods. I tried one a few weeks ago through another website. I gave up after entering just my beverages, breakfast, and lunch. It was so slow and clunky.

Edamam Nutrition Wizard is not clunky. It is only similar to others in that it is a web-based nutrition analysis program. The Nutrition Wizard not only analyzes your recipes, you can save them within the system as well. The Plus Version that I tried out also gives the option of exporting your recipes and analysis.

I already have so many of our recipes saved in Word documents, it was easy for me to copy and paste my recipes into the website. A click of the button not only gave me the calorie counts, it confirmed that my recipe was low sodium and free of many dietary restrictions others might have, including gluten, dairy, shellfish, and soy. There is also a breakdown of fat, protein, carbs, and numerous minerals.

You can also use the Eamam Nutrition Wizard to analyze recipes you find while surfing the web or Pinterest. Simply copy the ingredient list into the Wizard, let it know how many servings, and you'll know if that fad "low-fat, low-carb" recipe is as healthy as the poster claims it to be. For the record, our Summer Rice Salad is a very healthy side dish. On the other hand, I'm not sure I'll ever make our Grill Roasted Stuffed Peppers again in their current recipe form.

The Edamam Nutrition Wizard is available for $2.95 per month, and the Plus version - with the ability to print and export the information - is $5.95 per month. I think it's worth $36 a year for any family to learn a little more about the food they are preparing. The system would also be helpful for home-based food businesses to learn a little more about the products they are selling.

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