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No - I didn't make that soup or take the pic. A quick perusal through my food porn files found no acceptable soup pics. I have one of a sausage and corn chowder that I posted with an article back in the AC days that drew a comment of "ooohhh...what's the purple - is it onion?"

No - it was taken with a point and shoot that was awesome back in the NOLA days but doesn't work well inside. The "purple" was actually sausage. sigh.

Harry & I really do a decent job of keeping the pantry ready for soup any night of the week. It's fast and we honestly eat a bowl of some sort 3 or 4 times a week through the winter. The speed might be the reason I rarely remember to take pictures of soup in progress - especially on nights that Harry is working.

I threw together a pot of tortellini soup the other night - as promised - and my "work" was done in less than 15 minutes. I had a container of Harry's homemade chicken stock in the fridge and I diced the onions and garlic while the sausage was browning. I did a few dishes while the tortellini was cooking and it was time to eat.

That's why I don't understand complaints of "we're just too busy" when parents say they don't have time to cook but they have time to stop at the drive-thru. In the same amount of time you drive-thru and wait for your order, then get it home and it's no longer hot, you could have a fast pot of soup simmering on your stove. /end rant - sorry.

I've seen Facebook posts from all over the country talking about the current deep freeze. My friend Angie in Savannah lost her pepper plants and banana tree last night - even under a blanket.

It won't be much warmer today than it was yesterday - I think tonight will be beef and barley soup!

What is your favorite type of soup to make at home? No rules - it can be a chili-type, a chowder, hearty, creamy, thin? I'll admit soup is something I always want to hear new ideas!

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  1. mmmm. beef and barley sounds divine. I love soup too!


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