Rockmill Brewery - Amazing Belgian Ales from Ohio's Heartland

Please forgive me:

"I like big beers and I cannot lie..."

During the March edition of Ohio Market Day at The Hill's Market, we arrived a little too late to sample everything that was offered. That didn't matter because Matthew Barbee was still going strong pouring samples of his Belgian ales from Rockmill Brewery.

I'd been seeing mentions of Rockmill on Twitter, so as soon as I realized we had the opportunity for a tasting, I nudged Harry. Of course, all he needed to hear was the word "beer" and he was in, too.

We picked the Saison as our bring-home bottle and enjoyed it a couple of weeks later. There was still snow on the ground!

When Shawn comes home for a visit in August, in addition to the 9-year reunion of Rent-A-Party at Barley's Smokehouse & Brewpub (and all the debauchery that will certainly ensue), we are also planning a private dinner and tasting here at the cabin. While I am no doubt less experienced in the beer pairing department, I can guarantee that dinner will be magnificent and the tasting may last until sunrise!

And we will include all four offerings from Rockmill Brewery.

Once Harry goes on shift in mid-July, it will be much easier to make plans to tour Rockmill Brewery and the farm near Lancaster.

Read my complete review of the four Belgian ales from Rockmill Brewery, follow this link.

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