Garbage in the Garden? No, it's added nutrition!

Thanks to rosym over at - beautiful!

THIS is what I'm waiting for! I want bowls and bowls and kitchen counters FILLED with tomatoes. Then, I want my freezer filled with tomatoes for the winter!

But, to get there, I'm turning to my friends who are much more experienced in the garden. Earlier this spring, I found an article from my friend Marie Anne St. Jean over at In the Garden with Sow and Sow. MA had written about using egg shells to start her tomato seedlings a few years ago. That led to a discussion on Facebook. Jaipi Sixbear added that she always places a whole egg in the hole with her tomato plants.

Now, these ladies have been gardening for more than a couple of years and I appreciate their wisdom. So, while Harry and I didn't start our own seeds this year - and I'll be saving back seeds from this years crop for next year - I did follow Jaipi's advice about the egg.

I've done some digging around and found out there are a few other great uses for eggs and another kitchen scrap in the garden. To read more about what I've learned regarding kitchen scraps and the good that can be done for my garden, read "Sustainable Home Farming: Kitchen Scraps Improve the Soil"

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  1. I remember when I was growing up seeing my dad clearing out and area for "our" garden. We grew tomatoes but I hardly remember seeing them plant seeds. I do remember seeing my dad tossing icky tomatoes on the area of our garden and then a while later seeing full plants...


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