Soups and Chilis and Stews...oh my!

The weather is turning cooler, the nights are frosty and the days have the chill of approaching winter months. For many that signals the end of grill season; the barbecue is stored, patio furniture covered and neatly stacked and the last vestiges of summer going into hibernation. It’s about time!
Four pounds of meat!

Now is when the kitchen really heats up. As the temperature drops day by day and the white crystallized water starts to accumulate, comfort food is needed to help sustain your sanity. This is the time to open your cookbook and let the winter Big Dogs out to play. I am talking about Soups and Chili and Stews oh my.

Some of the goodies that go into Harry's award-winning chili!

There are countless recipes for each easily accessible on the internet, ranging from the simple “Thirty Minute” variety to the more rewarding and tasting “Evening Event.” Or if you feel lucky “Well, do you, cook?” create your own to suit your particular tastes. The is a wide array of protein, produce, and spices to create a dish that will simply make you happy and content, at least until you have to go out and shovel snow.

Debbie and I started the season with Beef Stew, our own design of course, and now this night my never to be famous (because I will not give out the recipe) Chili with a bit of a Cajun twist. Debbie might give you a hint or two about the recipe if you ask nicely. This is one of those evening events. It takes about three hours from prep to table if you work fast but the result is worth every minute. We always try to make enough for a second meal (it is even better the second day) but alas it seems no matter how much we make someone sneaks in and eats it during the night.

The magic drawer is an absolute requirement to cooking from scratch!

I hope you experiment with your own recipes for the Big Dogs of winter and let us know how it turns out, if you have a question I am sure Debbie will be happy to help.

Good Cooking

P.S. Remember to always cook with wine, and sometimes use it in the food.

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  1. LOVE soup season! Potato soup is a must in our home...still searching for the perfect chili recipe.


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