New start

I hate to be such a cliche, but it's a common thing for people to resolve to lose weight at the beginning of the year. I have no choice. I can not continue on the path I am going or I will weigh more than Harry by the end of the year.

Harry and I cook - I mean "really" cook. Everything is from scratch except a couple of nasty concoctions that are more like guilty pleasures during football season. You won't find fake anything in the kitchen. Well, I do buy low-fat mayo because I got used to it years ago. Neither of us like the taste of whole milk, so we drink 2%. I do occasionally cook with heavy cream or half & half.

I hope to some of my kitchen time this year experimenting with our favorite recipes to see if I can find ways to cut the fat & calories and beef up the veggie content without freaking Harry out.

The first place to start is with the raw stuff - salads and veggies to munch on! Harry loves raw veggies, he's just not a fan of anything cooked - especially if it's "hillbilly" cooked meaning cooked to mush. I did get him to admit that he'd probably like mashed rutabaga. Of course for me that involves adding butter, sugar, salt and pepper!

When we had loads of fresh local veggies last summer and lots of salads, I did play around and develop a few fat-free salad dressings. For creamy dressings, I start with fat-free plain yogurt. I usually strain it for awhile to make it thicker.

Here's the link to those fat-free salad dressings:

Homemade Fat-Free Salad Dressings

I think every kitchen needs a digital scale but it's an even better tool for dieters!

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