Holiday cocktails...

I was a bartender in a former life and I loved making "pretty drinks" when the holidays rolled around. At home, I'm kind of partial to the punchbowl rather than setting up a full bar.

The Whiskey Slushies absolute ROCK! I make it twice a year - at Christmas and once in the summer for a long holiday trip to the river to visit with Mom & Dad. In years past, I have been able to find 7-up or Ginger ale in "red" flavors like pomegranate and cherry. Mom still wants "regular" 7-up with it but the red mixers do make the drink very pretty!


10 Holiday Cocktails for Office Parties

If you do decide to create a full bar for your holiday party, you must have the right tools! Your bartender needs a jigger more than anything. This kit includes the jigger, wine service and a shaker and these will last forever!

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