Tomatoes Coming Out of Your Ears???

Harry scored a great deal on tomatoes in Pataskala a couple of weeks ago. I now have jars of Bloody Mary Mix that hopefully won't kill us mid-football season. I have 3 quarts of tomato sauce in the freezer and 3 quarts of peeled, seeded tomatoes in the freezer - those will make yummy cream of tomato soup in the winter.

I hope we can come across another deal before the tomatoes disappear for the season. Of course, our own tomatoes won't be ripe until October, but that's another story.

If you are overwhelmed with tomatoes and the thought of pressure canning gives you the heebie-jeebies my Bloody Mary mix is a water bath process. I've also written a simple tutorial explaining how to get those red beauties prepped for canning or freezing.

Don't let your tomatoes go to waste! 

How to Prepare Tomatoes for Canning and Freezing

Summer's Tomato Bounty
 Oh - the Bloody Mary Mix? Perfect for Ohio State Football Saturdays!

Bloody Mary Mix for a Water Bath Canner

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