We just got home from our annual Canada trip. We did everything possible to get kidnapped, turned back at the US border or just plain trapped forever in Parry Sound to no avail. Back in the States, trying to get back into the farmers market groove and impatiently waiting to open one of the bottles of wine we brought home.

We stopped at 5 or 6 wineries this year, all except one in the Niagara Escarpment area. We tend to avoid Niagara on the Lake because it's just too darn close to the Falls and the tourists. Sometimes that area can get too congested and of course, the hotels are very expensive. We picked up a portion of the Ontario Wine Route north of St. Catherine's near Beamsville & Grimsby in an area called the Twenty Valley.

I don't know if my wine tastes are growing up or if the wine was just "that good". The woman running the LCBO in Alban, Ontario told us that this year's Ontario wines are expected to be the best ever - I'm looking forward to following up in the next few years.

We've been to so many wineries throughout the Midwest and I don't ever remember the word "mineral" being included in the tasting notes. But I DID taste it - it was an eye-opening taste, mouthwatering (literally!) and put a whole new spin on our tasting. When I was looking over the lists, I found myself looking for the word "mineral" in the notes. Of course we also sampled the icewines and found a meadery that made me very happy.

Our first stop was Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery in Beamsville. Traveling up the drive, I could hear the constant "poof" of the air cannons used to keep the birds away (another new experience for me!). The view from the patio of the tasting room at the top of the hill looks over the vineyard with a not-too-distant sight of Lake Ontario. Wine...and incredible artisan cheese! A very simple choice for our dinner that night - we had cheese, sausage, some bread and other pastries we picked up at a bakery and a glass of wine. Perfect!

A few more details about our visit to Peninsula Ridge...

Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery

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