Chef Proven Zester/Grater - A Review

Shredding Aged Parmesan Cheese is a Breeze with the Chef Proven Zester/Grater

We were given the opportunity to review the Chef Proven Zester/Grater in exchange for my inspection and review.

We bought a microplane several months ago when we had problems creating a large amount of lemon zest to make homemade limoncello. It's divine, by the way - especially after it's been aging for a year. The microplane worked much better than our box graters - we were able to get more of the zest without the white pith. However, the microplane is about 2 inches wide, and we still didn't have as much control working around the fruit.

I like the 1-inch blade width on the Chef Proven Zester/Grater. I have much more control when it comes to zesting citrus. I can move the Zester/Grater along the rind, rather than moving the fruit along the microplane.

The blades are sharp and easily take care of hard, aged cheeses as well as softer, less-aged cheese. Nutmeg went from nut to dust in a flash. The handle fits nicely in both our (markedly different-sized) hands, and it's a breeze to wash in the sink. When I replace my Harry-model dishwasher, I'll be able to let you know about it's dishwasher capabilities.

Chef Proven offers a satisfaction guarantee and you can buy the Zester/Grater via Amazon at this link: Chef Proven Zester/Grater.


  1. Very interesting! I've been wanting to give that brand a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I started couponing again and got a GREAT deal on blocks of cheese. Seriously. $0.50 for a large block, BUT I don't have a cheese grater. Thank you for the review!


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