Harry SPEAKS! (well, writes!)

Really - I didn't just make him up. Harry is a real person and a real part of our kitchen. For The Wright Taste, he's the world's greatest sous chef, heavy-duty dishwasher and cinnamon roll roller-outer - and a heck of a salesman, the young girls and the older ladies LOVE him!

Without further delay, I'll let Harry introduce himself:

Food and water, the basics we need to survive. From Kobe beef and fine wine to the feast that awaits you under a rotting log and a drink of potable water, it will keep us alive. I can not afford the Kobe Beef and have no desire to revisit the Good Earth Happy Meals that Mother Nature will supply, so somewhere in between is a comfort zone that we can enjoy. The adventure as an individual or a couple is finding your comfort zone.

My tastes? I tend toward spicy meals (not hot) that assault your taste buds with each bite and a side dish or two to take care of the ones that the main course may have missed. In that I find that culinary dishes from Asia, the Middle East, and more locally Cajun and Creole do a fine job. Now, good Pulled Pork with a great barbecue sauce is hard to beat but it is a bit one dimensional and heavy for me. Ribs with a great Rub and added Mop sauce is getting closer, but when you step into the world of Cajun, Creole, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, or Vietnamese cooking, to name a few, the world of spices await you and the culinary treats are limited only by your imagination.

In our kitchen we play, we experiment, we enjoy, both the cooking and the eating. As it has been said many times, we enjoy cooking with Wine and sometimes we even put it in the food. We have many successes and a few failures but the reward is in the challenge to create a great dish to enjoy. I hope as we play and experiment that you will enjoy our successes and avoid our failures. Bon Appetit.

I don't know many greater joys than being in the kitchen with the one you love (well, anywhere with the one you love!) creating a necessity of life as simple or complex as you desire.

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  1. The two of you seem like a perfect couple, and who would not love a man who does dishes and rolls out cinnamon dough? I am getting hungry reading about your bakery, Debbie.


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