Yes you CAN make homemade bread!

For years, I battled bread dough. I could never get it to rise properly and it made me crazy. I would put the yeast away, refusing to attempt something I would fail at. Then, one night it just clicked. I don't know if it was just finally "my time" or I found the proper descriptions over at The Fresh Loaf but I finally got a beautiful loaf of artisan-style bread.

This is the base recipe I use to start all of The Wright Taste's crusty artisan-style breads. I change a few ingredients around when I want a different flavor.

Play with it - see what kind of success YOU can have!

Bread Making 101 - Easy Artisan Bread

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for your honesty and encouragement. I've tried to make bread a few times. It's been an interesting experience. With your tips maybe my luck will improve.


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