From our kitchen to the world...

Harry & I love to play in the kitchen!

Just the two of us playing with food, trying new flavors, making things up as we go along. Of course we do have mistakes - sometimes, certain flavors just don't work well.

Harry has traveled the world and has a true understanding of Asian cuisines. I've traveled North America and have a love for the foods of all the different regions. My family heritage is the Canadian Maritimes and Eastern Tennessee - try growing up with those cooking styles in the mix!

But, we still love to play. I freelance and will occasionally link some of my articles. I'm even going to make Harry write a post occasionally. We also love craft beer and craft wine. Sometimes, we might take you along to some of our favorite brewpubs and small wineries.

Come play in our kitchen with us!


  1. Is your family from the Acadia region of Canada? Fun blog.

  2. Close but not quite - Mom was born and raised in Black's Harbour. My great-grandfather was the lighthouse keeper at Pea Point.


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