4th of July Grilling - YUM!!

We're heading to the river after the markets on Saturday to spend a couple of days with Mom & Dad. The grill will get a workout and the meals are always on the huge deck just 50 feet from the Muskingum River!

I know there will be Ohio river corn on the cob - I can't wait! We're waiting to hear if there are any tomatoes - if not, I'll buy some local hydroponic tomatoes from Buckeye Produce in Sparta at the farmers market.

We're taking a pork loin to grill on Sunday. Dad bought a rotisserie for his grill (it was on sale at Lowe's and I got 10% off because I'm a Vet!), so Harry gets to learn to cook that way! I'm going to have to adapt my rub a bit because Mom doesn't like things quite as bold as the rest of us.

What are you going to do with YOUR meat this weekend? I have written some great recipes for Homemade Marinades and Rubs that I will add in later - you should have most of the ingredients in your pantry!

Enjoy the holiday, time with your family and friends and the fireworks!!

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