It didn't rise...

School work and trying to cram as much Harry time in as possible this weekend led to a delay in his Muffuletta. Last night, almost immediately after he got home from work, I started to make the Muffuletta bread. I started with my usual hoagie recipe from Bread Day and went about my normal thing.

I cut the recipe in half because I didn't want to deal with making hoagie rolls or sandwich buns and I've done it before. I still had close to a pound of dough after I portioned out the 20 ounces for the Muffuletta loaf and just rolled it into a long, rustic loaf.

Four hours later, after an emergency change of dinner plans, the bread still hadn't increased in volume and I gave up and went to bed.

I think I've figured out the problem and I'll use the scientific method to prove my hypothesis this afternoon when I try again. Funny enough, I'm positive it wasn't one of the simple problems I wrote about back in the AC days. In fact, I think I'll need to revise that article.

I just wanted to post to leave it out there: no matter how many times we do something right, sometimes it can go wrong. I've baked thousands of loaves of bread and I've had two failures in less than two months - the dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner didn't rise, either.

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